best1 [ best ] function word ***
Best is the superlative form of good and well, and can be used in the following ways:
as an adjective:
Which apples are best for cooking? (after the ):
His performance was the best.
It was the best party I've ever been to.
as an adverb:
We'll choose the system that works best.
Which color do you like best?
as a singular noun:
Only the best is good enough for Ruth.
I'll do my best.
1. ) used for referring to the person or thing that is the most satisfactory, appropriate, pleasant, effective, of the highest quality, etc.:
the best hotel in town
Negotiation is always the best way of settling a dispute.
best for: What kind of soil is best for growing roses?
I want to do what's best for the family.
the best of everything (=all the most expensive things): Her husband's a lawyer, so they can afford the best of everything.
a ) in the way that is most satisfactory, appropriate, pleasant, effective, successful, etc.:
The play can be best described as a serious comedy.
You need to find out which program works best on your computer.
He is the kind of musician who always performs best in front of a live audience.
do something as best you can (=do something as well as you are able): I'll try to deal with all these problems as best I can.
make the best use of something (=use something in the most effective way): I want to make the best use of my time while I'm here.
suit someone best (=be most suitable for someone): Which color do you think suits me best?
b ) used for referring to the person who is the most skillful at doing something:
the best player in the team
simply/absolutely the best: In the world of ballet she was quite simply the best.
2. ) used for saying that someone or something is liked or known more than any other:
like someone/something best: What kind of music do you like best?
best known/loved: The Mona Lisa is probably the world's best known painting.
one of Gershwin's best loved melodies
a ) used for saying that someone or something is famous especially in one particular way or for one particular reason:
best known/remembered for something: James Dean is best remembered for his star performance in Rebel without a Cause.
The Bordeaux region is best known for its fine wines.
best known as: Conan Doyle is probably best known as the creator of Sherlock Holmes.
3. ) used for referring to your nicest or most expensive clothes that you wear on special occasions:
At the wedding he'll be wearing his best suit.
someone's Sunday best (=someone's best clothes): Eileen and her family were all dressed up in their Sunday best.
all the best SPOKEN
used when saying goodbye, in order to wish someone success, good health, and happiness for the future
at best
used for showing that something is not very good by emphasizing that your description of it is the best thing you can say about it:
His chances of victory are, at best, uncertain.
The government's response seems to have been at best confused and at worst dishonest.
at someone's/something's best
when someone is feeling most intelligent or effective, or when something is showing its most impressive or attractive qualities:
I'd only just gotten out of bed, so I wasn't at my best.
To see New England at its best, you should come in September when the leaves start to change color.
at the best of times
used for saying that something is fairly bad, difficult, dangerous, etc. even in normal circumstances, but it is usually worse than this:
Persuading the bank to lend you money is a difficult task at the best of times.
be (all) for the best
used for saying that something bad that has happened is not really as bad as it seems because it will make the situation better in the end:
He failed the college exams, but perhaps it's for the best because he's not really the academic type.
someone's best friend
the friend that you like best:
Of course I told Martha she's my best friend.
best of all
used for introducing a fact that pleases you more than all the others you have mentioned:
Their new drug was effective and safe, and, best of all, it was very cheap to manufacture.
the best of both worlds
a situation where you have the benefit of two very different types of advantage at the same time:
Enjoying the combination of five star luxury with our friendly personal service, you'll have the best of both worlds.
the best of friends
very close friends:
In spite of all our disagreements, we remained the best of friends.
(the) best of luck MAINLY SPOKEN
used for wishing someone good luck in something they are trying to do:
I think you're taking a big risk, but anyway, best of luck!
best wishes
used for wishing someone success, good health, and happiness for the future when you are writing to them
do/try your best
to try as hard as you can in order to achieve something:
I don't know if I can finish the whole job in one day, but I'll do my best.
get the best of someone
to defeat someone or gain an advantage over them:
Jack got the best of me in the last match.
get/have the best of it
to gain an advantage in a fight, argument, game, etc.
had best do something
used for saying that someone should do something:
You'd best come with me if you don't know the way.
We'd best not disturb him when he's working.
make the best of it
to accept a bad or difficult situation without complaining and try to deal with it as well as you can:
I was in a mess and there was no one to help me, so I just had to make the best of it.
to the best of someone's ability
used for saying that someone does something as well as they can:
I promise to carry out my duties to the best of my ability.
to the best of my knowledge/belief
used for saying that you think your statement is true, because it is based on what you know/believe, but you are not completely sure:
To the best of my knowledge, no similar book has been published.
with the best of them
used for saying that someone is as skillful as the most successful players, performers, etc.:
Carolyn can play guitar with the best of them.
─ opposite WORST
=> BET 2, FOOT1, LOOK1 3B, PART1, WILL 2
best 2 [ best ] verb transitive FORMAL
to gain an advantage over or defeat an opponent:
The Chinese pair bested the Swedes 3 1.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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